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Weighted Vest With 30kg Blocks


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Weighted Vest With 30* 1kg BlockDescription:The weighted vest is a very good tool for use in all types of sport or fitness training.Features and Specifications:



Weighted Vest With 30* 1kg Block

The weighted vest is a very good tool for use in all types of sport or fitness training.

Features and Specifications:

Vest made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon, featuring double padded shoulders for added comfort

Mesh vented inside for breath ability.

Adjustable strap and velcro closures that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings.

Contains 30 individual weight sachets to hold from 1kg to 30kg blocks.

You may adjust the weight level and remove or transfer the weights from the packets with secure the weights with the durable velcro weight closures.

Weight Vest with 30kg block

0.5kg weight block is $3.00/each

1kg weight block is $6.00/each

Package Content / Size:

1* Weight Vest

30* 1kg Block

Box Size: 45cm x 33cm x 8 cm

Package Weight 31.5 kg


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  1. Review by han chuan ter (Posted on February 01, 2011)

    i had a lower back pain for two years, had weekly deep tissue massage and stretching, swimming with no relief. The pain disappeared after 2 days of wearing this vest at work. i lean forward a lot at work. whenever my pain recurs, i wear this vest and it disappears. so i wear it at least two to 4 hours at work. it improves my core muscle strength and posture.

  2. Review by Shane Neaves (Posted on October 15, 2009)

    I find the product very comfortable to use. It has great support over the shoulders and thick strapping around the waist. Plenty of neck room and also very well balanced as equal pockets on front and back. Easy to use and simple to adjust. Great value product when compared to others on the market.

  3. Review by DANE BRITTON (Posted on June 08, 2009)

    I was extremely happy with this product. The vest is very well constructed and comfortable through a full range of movement which for my training is very important. It is comfortable on the shoulders and not overly bulky even with the 30kg. The straps are easy to adjust and plenty of free movement around the neck.

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